5 of the best deep conditioners for dry/damaged hair.

I despise my hair pretty much all the time and have often thought about doing a Natalie Portman and shaving it all off but unfortunately I have too much of a weird head shape for such shenanigans. It’s thick, wavy, unmanageable, dry and generally out of control which means I’m quite the expert in hair products that give my mane a much needed moisture boost and enable me to run my fingers through it like Nicole Scherzinger having an orgasm. I’ve had a few Brazilian Blowdry treatments and I really recommend them if your hair type is similar to mine (ie. shit) and it only costs £65 from my local salon, Colour My life. As with all hair/beauty treatments I book through Wahanda to receive a 30% discount and I’m actually going for one tomorrow, woo!

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morocconoil treatment oil1 – Moroccanoil Treatment.

This is hands down the best thing I have EVER put on my hair and something I will continue to purchase until they stop making it (and then I’ll scour eBay and pay £200+ for a bottle…) because it’s the only thing that makes my hair appear healthy. I use the oil mixed with a little of the Kerastase Ciment Thermique before I blow dry and it leaves my hair soft, shiny and really easy to straighten. I’ve used everything from the range and I’m really fond of the Glimmer Shine spray which really does what it says on the tin and leaves a gorgeous sheen and like all Moroccanoil products, smells incredible. The shampoo and conditioner are also amazing but as I seem to go through them quickly I don’t purchase that often as they’re pretty pricey. Often recommended after a Brazilian Blow dry treatment as they’re sulfate free and won’t strip the hair of the keratin solution that is applied to keep the hair straight and sleek.

From around £12 for the 25ml bottle and £30 for the larger 100ml bottle.

Redken_All_Soft_Heavy_Cream_250ml_13649117392 – Redken All Soft Heavy Cream.

One of the very first high-end deep conditioning treatments I used, the whole Redken All Soft range is amazing and I fully recommend them if your hair is dry/damaged or just needs a little moisture boost during the colder months when cold weather and central heating really saps the life out of your locks. Containing a plethora of proteins and amino acids as well as argan oil this treatment will really bring your hair back to life after just one use. It has a gorgeous texture, thick and creamy and won’t drip if you leave it on for an hour or so as an intensive treatment (wrapping your hair in cling film and blasting it with a hair dryer will help it penetrate even deeper.) I would also advise using alongside the All Soft shampoo to really get the best out of this product, they’re not too badly priced and a little goes a long way. I like to comb it through the lengths of my hair using a wide toothed comb and keeping it in for a couple of hours whilst I do some housework or watch a film etc. it really makes a difference towel drying your hair off a bit first too so you don’t lose half of the treatment in water!

From around £15 for a 250 tub

aveda black malva color conditioner3 – Aveda Black Malva Color Conditioner.

Not advertised as a deep conditioner but works just as well, if not better, this multi-use product is one of my favourite things to use between colour touch ups (I’m naturally mousey brown and dye my hair black) as it diminishes any red/brassy tones whilst leaving my hair soft, tangle free and fabulous. A word of warning – be careful when using this in the shower as I ruined a white shower curtain with it and it can stain tile grout too. Smells a bit odd, more botanical than the usual clean, soapy hair care scent but if you have dyed or natural dark hair this is definitely something you need in your bathroom. Obviously I use Black Malva as my hair is dark but there’s a Color Conditioner for all shades, including a Blue Malva to add brightness to white blonde hair.

From around £18 for 250ml

philip kingsley elasticizer4 – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

The iconic pre-shampoo treatment is a real love or hate product but for my hair type I feel it really works and I notice quite a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair when I next wash it. Apparently healthy hair stretches when wet whereas brittle, damaged and over styled hair breaks and snaps off so the Elasticizer delivers elasticity and moisture to help hair bounce back to a healthier state. So there you go.I often style my hair using conditioner and water and whacking it up in a Croydon facelift so swapping conditioner for the Elasticizer gives it a full day to work its magic. It’s pretty pricey but you can buy smaller tubes on eBay and they seem to do the rounds often in monthly beauty boxes, QVC also do really good deals on the large tubs and you really only need a tiny bit. If you find it’s too heavy I would advise just using on the ends to still benefit from the rush of moisture the Elasticizer provides.

From around £15 for 75ml and £27 for a 150ml tub

joico k-pak reconstructor5 – Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment.

This is one of my favourite deep conditioners ever and one I repurchase over and over as it does exactly what it says on the tin. This is one you can use in a quick 10 min shower as it takes just 5 mins to get to work with immediate effect, as soon as you rinse you can feel your hair is already in much better condition with zero tangles and hardly any fall out. I’m one of them girls who can clog up the plughole with my hair after I’ve washed it, so gross! The K-Pak treatment contains a high concentration of Quadramine Complex for maximum reconstruction and protection from root to tip for healthier, shiny looking hair. Using this treatment makes my hair so easy to straighten with a noticeably lesser drying time which is something I detest as my hair is so long it makes my arms ache. Smells quite similer to the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream, not sweet or soapy but clean and non-offensive so good for guys too!

From £12 for 150ml

A little shout out for Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Oil Treatment Mask if you’re on a budget, I always have this is my bathroom and use it in place of a regular conditioner. I also really like Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor as it really makes my hair feel amazing BUT it smells hideous! Imagine someone who has just drunk a thousand piña coladas has just thrown up all over your head. The smell doesn’t go either and everytime you swish your fabulous hair you get a massive whiff of it. Grim.