Smell like a sexy bon bon with Rihanna’s Rogue EDP

rihanna rogue

I bloody love Rihanna. I love her music (don’t act like you haven’t done the gun-finger-windy-leg-dance) when Rude Boy comes on the radio, she’s impossible not to dance to with sexy lyrics that teeter on the right side of slutty. I love her style, her tattoos and most of all her attitude. She genuinely doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of her and being in the spotlight I can’t even begin to imagine how tough that must be what with having people telling you how to look and act all the time. Her tweet replies to trolls are HILARIOUS and her Instagram is always buzzing with something outrageous but I totally get how people dislike her and that’s fine, you lemme know how that haterade tastes!

Whilst I generally avoid sleb fragrances I do have a few that I keep on rotation as they’re usually really cheap, especially on eBay. I adore Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely as it’s fresh, inoffensive and does smell really good. It’s usually under £20 for a huge bottle so I like to keep a bottle for spritzing when I’m not doing anything special or just for work, I even use it for spraying my clothes with as they’re drying. I also like J-Lo’s Glow as it’s a baby powder musk that smells really clean and comforting, again can be found really cheap and is easy to wear. I tend to avoid sweet scents as they give me an instant headache, for example Dior’s Miss Dior makes me physically gag but I know it’s a firm favourite for many! For me to like a sweet scent it has to be amazing and in my opinion Rogue has a masculine edge which saves it from being another generic sickly sweet fragrance churned out by the big boys.

rihanna-rogue-1With a base of vanilla and musk that gives the fragrance some serious longevity the strong amber note is cut with a subtle feminine edge that will have you constantly sniffing at your wrist. I loved this scent from the very first spray, the first burst of intoxicating sugary sweetness quickly gives way to a masculine note that makes the fragrance really interesting, think David Gandy covered in Skittles and that’s what Rogue smells like. With notes including lemon blossom, jasmine, rose, soft plum, bergamot, pink peppercorn, cyclamen, suede, patchouli and vanilla, amber and musk as already mentioned this is definitely not a barely-there-scent, it practically screams to be worn with a berry lip and a pair of patent heels. Fuck yeah.

rihanna rogue bottleRogue has been compared to Gucci Rush which is another fragrance I love but again has a huge divide of people who love it and people who would rather slap their mother than wear it and Tulisa’s Female Boss which I haven’t, and don’t want to smell because Tulisa is a penis. Described as a ‘Flirty, Sensual Oriental’ Rogue is definitely aimed at a younger market (I can’t imagine a stylish 40-yea-old woman wearing it tbh) but to me it’s different enough for me to embrace a sweeter scent in my collection and the sexy, square bottle makes it look a lot more expensive than it is.

I got mine from Superdrug on special offer, £21 for the huge 125ml but it’s floating around on eBay for roughly the same price.

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